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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Talk Talk by T. C. Boyle

When Dr. Dana Halter, a deaf teacher, is stopped for a traffic violation, her life spins out of her control when she is handcuffed and jailed for a slew of serious crimes, none of which she committed. A victim of identity theft, she enlists her boyfriend Bridger to help her deal with unbelieving authorities, an unsympathetic boss, and when no one seems serious about going after the real crook, she talks him into helping her track him down.

The thief is Peck Wilson, a career criminal determined to live the good life the easy way with assumed identities and stolen fortunes. And finding him turns the search into dangerous territory.

These three characters are definitely not cookie cutter, one dimensional characters. Dana is smart, assertive, prickly and doesn't suffer fools well, especially those that have preconceived opinions about deaf people. Bridger, the weakest of the three, is a digital film editor who imagines himself as one of his superheroes coming to the rescue of Dana. Peck, who has managed to take on the persona of an upper class doctor--not practicing--and who knows fine wine and cuisine, drives luxury autos--lives in upscale housing with his unsuspecting lover and her daughter in Marin County on his victims' dime, or rather dollar. He has definite anger management problems, and sees himself as the victim here, pursued by Dana and Bridger, and he's just as prepared to seek revenge against them as they are determined to stop his crime spree.

I really enjoy Boyle, this book reminds me there are a few of his books I haven't read yet. Put this one on your list.


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