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Monday, January 30, 2006

Dealing with C when it's someone you love

After the Christmas holidays, my husband and I flew out to California to spend some time with my mom and my sister. It wasn't the easiest visit, my sister has been in the middle of a chemo and radiation regimen after being diagnosed with colon cancer.

It was hard to know just what to say-- I've been struggling trying to find the right words since she found out this summer that she had cancer.
Cancer Etiquette by Rosanne Kalick, is told from the perspective of a cancer survivor who has heard and remembered some of the worst lines imaginable, and has some pretty good tips on what to say, and when to say it, for friends, relatives and physicians.

Livestrong: Inspirational Stories from Cancer Survivors is a book I'm going to send to my sister. These are powerful and uplifting stories that cover everything from dealing with friends and family to working with physicians and insurance companies. The stories are unforgettable, and the process of dealing with diagnosis, treatment and survivor are so inspiring coming from those who have fought this battle. The final message is that with all its pain and heartbreak, something wonderful and life-enriching can emerge.


At 10:20 AM, Anonymous Rosanne said...

Thanks for your comments about "Cancer Etiquette: What to Say, What to Do When Someone You Know or Love Has Cancer."

I've gotten some very nice responses about my book. While I had not intended it primarily for patients, they seem to find it helpful.

Good health to all.


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