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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Not Your Usual Dragons and Demons

YOU SLAY ME by Katie MacAlister

"All Aisling Grey had to do was deliver a centuries old, gold dragon statue to her uncle's client in Paris, but instead she finds the woman murdered and a strange, sexy man lingering nearby. Drake Vireo claims to be with Interpol, but before Aisling can verify this, he, along with the statue, disappears. Now the French police's prime suspect in the case, Aisling must figure out who really killed the woman and exactly where Drake disappeared to with her artifact. Scouring Paris' occult community for clues, Aisling, armed with a crabby demon in the shape of a Newfoundland dog, finds herself not only mixed up in murder and magic but also tangling and tangoing with a sexy dragon. Graced with MacAlister's signature sharp wit and fabulously fun characters, this paranormal romance is wickedly sensual and irresistibly amusing." -- from Booklist

Tacky but fun, I listened to this on my twice daily 30-minute commute, read by Barbara Rosenblatt--she's pretty amazing at doing voices. Not the book if you're looking for substance, but quirky, amusing and often raunchy--get ready to suspend your disbelief and just go along for the ride.


At 9:00 PM, Blogger sassymonkey said...

MacAlister amuses me. I haven't read any of her vampire stuff though.

Actually come to think of it I think I rang in the new year with one of her books, a bottle of wine and a bubble bath...


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