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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Serial Killer in Nazi Germany


Axel Berg, a homicide detective with the Munich police department is on a desperate search for a serial killer who attacks beautiful young women. Berg has to contend with Nazi Brownshirts, a boss who wants someone--anyone--charged with the murders, preferably a Jew, violent political rallies, and his own unstable personal life complete with wife and family and a Jewish mistress. Anti-semitic sentiments abound--at home, at the police department and generally through the city. Hitler is at the beginning of his rise to power and violence agains Jews are becoming the everyday occurance.

Kellerman, who usually writes contemporary mysteries about an L.A. cop and his orthodox wife, took a side road on this novel. The darkness of this time plus the unsettled and helpless feelings that some Germans felt in dealing with the rising hatred for Jews comes through effectively in this book.


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